In the 1980s my friend Bobby Clampett was the PGA Tour’s new golden boy, a whiz kid from California who was the “next Jack Nicklaus” only it never quite worked out that way. While he did have a long and profitable career on both the PGA and Champions Tour. the predicted success never quite materialized and he was left with just one PGA Tour victory to his name. Then came a successful career at CBS commentating on golf while running one of the country’s premier golf schools.

Clampett’s aha moment came when he was in the middle of his career at CBS where they had developed a new technology known in the business as “swing vision.” super-slow-motion cameras provided the ability to look at golf swings under the microscope. As Bobby started to watch a lot of this footage and study the golf club impact of the best players of the game. He suddenly realized their hits were all virtually the same regardless of how they swung the club! He came to the conclusion that “The only things that matters in the golf swing are the two inches before the ball and the four inches afterward!”

Your “aha!” moment is the key to your creation story!