Grab Your 15 Minutes of Fame and Turn It into a Lifetime of Professional Success!

As a martial arts instructor the chances are good you have heard of famous martial artists Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Chances are equally good that if you are younger than 35 you have never heard of me, Andrew Wood. That’s my picture on the cover of Martial Arts Business! I was never a great black-belt tournament fighter or in any Kung Fu movies, but in the 90s I was famous in the “business of martial arts.” That is to say, almost every one of the 15,000 instructors running commercial martial arts schools in the United States and Canada at the time knew my name. At one-point Chuck Norris even asked me to help market him!

Fast forward twenty plus years ahead and the same is true of me in the golf industry. The vast majority of the 28,000 golf professionals in the US know my name, along with several thousand golf course owners and club managers at more than 50,000 golf clubs around the world. In the golf business niche, I am famous.

Get Famous In Your Industry

That niche fame brings business to me, sells my books and gets me speaking invitations all over the world. (Except from the NGCOA of America, they are much too smart) I make a fine living on my own terms and often get invitations to stay and play for free at the world’s best resorts. There are hundreds and perhaps thousands of other people who do golf marketing. None of them are famous!

How To Become FamousBecoming famous is no mere ego trip. It is the simplest most effective way to create exponential growth and demand for your professional skills, products or services.

In every city in the world, there is already someone who is the most famous lawyer, Realtor, golf instructor, plastic surgeon, jeweler, artist, politician, builder, consultant, CEO, and landscaper. The faster you make that someone you, the more business, money, opportunity, recognition, and invitations will come your way. Getting famous and building an iconic personal brand is not frivolous; it’s essential for maximizing your personal success.

Famous golf instructors like David Leadbetter and Dave Pelz make 100 times what an average golf instructor makes. The same is true in any profession fame exponentially increases your income!

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How To Get Famous