One trait almost all famous people have is charisma — that magical “something” that makes you stand out from the crowd and increases your chances for every opportunity. There are lots of ways to boost your charisma the simplest of which is to smile!

A smile inspires confidence in the person who is smiling and boosts the confidence of the person seeing it. A smile spreads a positive attitude, making people feel good about you and themselves. Smiling always reduces tension in others, and can make a bad situation appear less disturbing. Smiling will also build your reputation as a winner, especially if you smile when you lose.

A smile acts as an instant energizer and makes you appear approachable and more attractive. A smile lets others know that you are good natured and that you have a sense of humor and enjoy life to the fullest. In fact, a smile can and will make the best of just about any situation. When you smile and smile often, you build your charisma, even if it’s only because people wonder why you are always so happy.

Boost your charisma!