Paper cup salesman, Ray Kroc, was amazed by the efficiency of the McDonald brothers’ hamburger store in San Bernardino, California. Having been in approximately a thousand kitchens, Kroc believed that the McDonald’s brothers had the best-run operation he had ever seen. It had a very simple menu, cheap prices, and tons of business. Procedures were set up with simple systems that got good results every time. The restaurant was clean, modern, mechanized and the staff professional and well-groomed. Roadside hamburger restaurants were more often than not hangouts for motorcycle gangs and rebellious teenagers, and Kroc saw in McDonald’s a better vision for a restaurant.

Kroc opened the first McDonald’s franchised under his partnership with the McDonald brothers in Des Plaines, Illinois. A little-known part of the McDonald’s story is that the brothers had already sold franchises to other people! But those people didn’t carry through all the difficult steps that Ray Kroc had to go through to really get multiple franchises running successfully.

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