Becoming famous is no mere ego trip it is the simplest most effective way to create exponential growth and demand for your professional skills or products. In every city in the world there is already someone who is the most famous; lawyer, realtor, golf instructor, plastic surgeon, personal trainer,  jeweler, artist, band, politician, builder, CEO, landscape guy, or girl!

The faster you make that someone you, the more business, money, opportunity and invites will come your way. Getting famous and building an iconic personal brand is not at all frivolous it’s essential to maximizing your personal success.

After a 10 year of study on the topic, I have written a new book that captures the DNA of the famous. All the little things you can do that will ensure YOU will be the one people seek out in your industry, no matter what industry you happen to be in.


The 12 Steps to Fame


1. Your Creation Myth

Your fame starts with your story that answers the basic questions of why you do what you do and where it all began. You will want to explain how you found your calling and how you developed your talents. Your fans will be interested in your “aha moment” and what challenges you conquered along the way. Once you are happy with your story, tweak it and enhance it so it resonates with your audience in an emotional and empowering way to grow your fame!

2. Claiming Your Position

Pat ParelliWhat do you want to be famous for? I am the world’s leading expert in golf & resort marketing. Tony Robbins is the world’s #1 motivational guru. Pat Parelli is the world’s #1 horse trainer. You might only want to be the #1 golf instructor, or personal trainer, or lawyer, or surgeon in town. or the best-known band in your state, whatever position you want, it must be claimed!

Competence leads to confidence. With self-confidence, you have a greater ability to be creative, to accept new challenges, and to bring opportunity into your life. When others observe your confidence in your abilities, opportunities will flow towards you as they recognize that you have the confidence to do what you claim you can.

3. Confidence & Competence

Once you claim your position you need to build your competence and confidence to pull it off. You may not have both the day you claim it, but you need a plan in place to back it up in the coming months. Using a combination of strategic books, audios, videos, mentors and coaches you can rapidly enhance your talents.

4. The Sounds of Fame

The sounds of fame encompass many factors, including your name, nickname, catchphrase, music, and your quotable sayings. These are all things you and others will use and repeat often, so all must be given serious consideration. Start with your given name. Did your parents bless you with a fame-worthy name? Names can make or break a business or career, and you certainly don’t have to stick with the one you were given at birth.

For example: Would you buy a $500 pair of signature jeans from Ralph Lifshitz? Most likely not, but you and the rest of the world might buy some Ralph Lauren jeans. A great name change, if ever there was one!

5. Creating the “Look” of Fame – “Your Look”

Personal branding starts with the “look” — your look. You don’t have to be as handsome or beautiful as JFK, Tom Cruise, Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Kardashian or any other celebrity to pull it off. In fact, you don’t have to be attractive at all. No one is going to confuse Lady Gaga with a supermodel, but many a supermodel would quickly trade places. What you need is “the look,” your unique combination of fashion, style, colors, symbols, and accessories. Styles and colors that are uniquely associated with you — your power, talents, charisma, brand, and fame!

6. Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

Vladimir PutinThe famous go to great lengths to get the right photo and to avoid the wrong one. Let’s take a world-class example of this from a master of the game. In various photos, we’ve seen he’s bare-chested riding a horse across the steppes. In another, he’s in a judo suit on the mat. Next, we see him playing ice hockey in a charity match, followed by a shot of him in a frogman suit.

In other shots, he’s hunting with a rifle, spearfishing from a speed boat or peering from the window of a mini sub. Cleaned up, he’s now in a dark designer suit with designer shades to match. Yes, Vladimir Putin is the ultimate action man. If his pictures are to be believed, he makes James Bond look like an amateur. They reinforce his multiple skills, his health, strength, and vitality. Like GI Joe or Action Man he does it all and has the kit for every occasion!

7. Symbols, Icons, Rituals, and Communities that Turbo Charge Your Fame!

Churchills V for victory, Usain Bolts point or Since time began man has heightened the experience and memorability of any meeting or gathering by the use of symbols, icons and rituals. The repetition of these create communities of like-minded people and build a strong bond among both the audience and those participating in the event. You too can use these ancient bonding techniques to build your personal brand more quickly and make the effect of your presence linger longer!

8. Creating Legendary Charisma

One trait almost all famous people have is charisma — that magical “something” that makes you stand out from the crowd and increases your chances for every opportunity. Tom Cruise’s smile, JFK’s suits, Reagan humor, there are many facets that go into creating charisma. Traits that will attract people to your cause, and increase the number of friends, clients, and fans available to help and support your efforts.

9. The Ying and the Yang – Finding Your Enemy

People often disagree about politics, religion or social issues. Not only do they not agree, they often vilify the other side, and the debates can be heated — one side is going to hell, the other is not. In every great story, movie or book, there has to be an enemy as the main character. You need to create your story that attracts others. You offer people benefits. You also have to have an enemy (an antagonist). It could be time, poverty or the dark forces of evil. If there was no antagonist, no struggle for the truth, no beating the odds, then it wouldn’t be much of a story, would it? This is closely related to the passion which attracts others to your cause and fame. You need to be a passionate protagonist.

10. The Famous Don’t Leave Their Publicity or Legacy to Chance

After leaving office, Winston Churchill was asked by a young reporter how he expected history to view him in light of his many political and military failures, especially the WWI Dardanelles campaign. Churchill cheerfully replied that he expected history to view him very favorably. The reporter asked, “Why?” Churchill, already several volumes into writing a definitive history of World War II, cheerfully replied, “Because that’s the way I intend to write it.” Few people know that Churchill actually made his living by writing and in addition to mountains of newspaper articles and speeches, published 93 books in his lifetime.

Churchill was by no means the first famous person to shape how his legacy was seen. In fact, as a keen student of British history, he would no doubt have known that Alfred the Great, king of Wessex, employed two monks to write his biography, so as to preserve his legacy as long ago as 880. You don’t become Alfred “the great” by relying solely on the goodwill of medieval reporters.

11. Showtime – Delivering a Legendary Performance!

Freddie MercuryWhether you are a rock star or a Realtor, whether your performance is on stage, or behind a desk, the success of your efforts comes down to communication. This includes the words, sounds, body language and actions that create an emotional response in your audience, whether that audience is 20,000 fans in a stadium or one person to whom you are trying to sell a house. Without the ability to communicate and connect with your audience, fame and the wealth and opportunities that surround it simply cannot become yours.

It’s a fact that your success in business life will be based largely on your ability to communicate with others—those above you and those below you, those on your team and those you wish to attract, those you serve and those who serve you. When you master performance skills the doors of opportunity will be flung open to you. Famous people are by in large great performers and great performers are great communicators, although not all start out that way.

12. Persistence – the Turning Point to Fame

Almost all famous people have the character trait of persistence since almost no one gets famous overnight. They have the determination needed to see a project through to the end, no matter what. They know Murphy’s Law will rear its ugly head when least expected or invited. They know that there will be setbacks, curveballs, and sometimes total failure along the road to fame. Because they understand and accept these facts, they are better equipped mentally and physically to handle adversity. They recover quicker from setbacks. They acknowledge lost battles when they occur and get back on track with the task at hand—winning the war.

Put all twelve together and you have a powerful formula for quickly rising above the crowd in your industry and owning top of the mind awareness.

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After a 20-year of study on the topic, I have put together a legendary program that captures the DNA of the famous. I will reveal all the little things you can do that will ensure YOU will be the one people seek out in your industry, no matter what industry you happen to be in.

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